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Daily Living

In Canada
falls are the leading cause of head injury hospitalizations among children, youth and adults over 60. 1 in 3 seniors will fall this year.1
Do we worry too much?
It is not always second nature or even possible to protect your head in a fall. The Public Health Agency of Canada and the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology provide free resources to assist all Canadians in reducing the risk of falls and injuries... MORE
Forcefield Facts
For those susceptible to falls, Forcefield headbands™ are worn to reduce the risk of the worst type of fall injury, brain injury. Patented CEII marked technology inside a athletic sweatband. Forcefield™ is well suited for an active lifestyle and more. Delivers the same protection layered under a wrap, scarf or bandana as a conventional accessory. As appropriate to wear while walking the dog as for a night on the town or simply getting out of bed. No more worries walking down the stairs or stepping onto the sidewalk. As long as the headband is on, next to your head, you will receive the same continuous protection.
Canadians get more protection
When looking to reduce your risk of head injury from falls, many look to Forcefield™ to provide a practical solution. Hundreds of thousands are already in use protecting youngsters, athletes and seniors in the United States and Europe. Now Canadians nationwide can get this same protection... MORE

WARNING: This product lessens the risk of a head injury by significantly reducing the force of an impact, like all other protective headgear, nothing more. This product is not a replacement for, or protection in place of, proper healing after an injury and does not make it safe to behave fearlessly.
1Canadian Institute for Health Information, Head Injuries in Canada: A Decade of Change and Public Health Agency of Canada.


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Forcefield for Daily Living
Forcefield for Daily Living Protecting your head is now super easy, as easy as wearing a swea..
$CAD 29.95
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Forcefield ULTRA for Daily Living
Forcefield for Daily Living Protecting your head is now super easy, as easy as wearing a swea..
$CAD 34.95

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